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Fucked By Two Divas
Slavegirl Strap On Cock Sucking Feast

Bijoux Chocolate live in slavegirl starts off her day every day in a very special way.  First, she will have every part of her nubile young body...

Spit in My Mouth Mistress

One of the cardinal rules of owning pets is making sure they are well hydrated on warm days. That's why when their slave begs Empress Painless and...

Cum Time Disaster

What's this? Two beautiful Dommes paying attention to your pathetic cock? You ought to do what they ask you or else! And what they're asking seems...

Play Time For The Three Dommes

Oh to be a pathetic slave boy caught between three gorgeous dominatrixes! Bent over a table, your pants pulled down, experience the painful pleasures as...

Spanked On the Ladder

Clad in tiny jean shorts and thigh high boots, you're lucky to even be in the prescence of these gorgeous goddess, let alone acknowledged by them as...

Foot Worship By The Pool

These two Dommes aready to go for their morning sun and swim.  Little did they expect that they would find a foot slut waiting for them.  No...

Bijoux Chocolate Waxes Your Cock

Mummified with seran wrap, your cock exposed, and a snug gas mask placed over your head, you truly are vulnerable to Bijoux's whims! She sits above you, ...

Bijoux Tickles Vanessa on Vacation

What better way to spend a vacation than watching two beautiful vixens get their tickle on? Vanessa is bound with shiny yellow tape to their pool chair and...

Bijou Chocolate Takes Over Your Cock

It's play time for Bijoux Chocolate and her favorite toy is your helpless cock. Bijoux places you in a full spread eagle, giving her total access to you ...


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